IoT Vertical and Topical Summit for Tourism
TBA // Sardinia, Italy


The event is postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions.

In light of the current circumstances regarding COVID-19 travel restrictions and to prioritize participants health, the IoT Vertical and Topical Summit for Tourism is postponed to 2021. The new dates will be announced once we will be out of the pandemic and we will know more about the subsequent travel conditions, probably during next autumn.
We all can understand that the Tourism industry is one of the sectors that will be affected the most by the Covid-19 crisis. The number of flights is drastically dropped by more than 90% and we don’t know which settings should be considered when travelling and visiting tourist places in the next months. For sure, new procedures, services and systems will be defined to allow for a new way of travelling. This is a further stimulus for us to continue study on how the IoT technologies can positively impact on the new Tourism sector and discuss about the new findings in our Summit in 2021!

We are excited to invite you to join the IEEE IoT Vertical and Topical Summit on Tourism at Cagliari Sardinia, Italy 8-9 September 2020 (postponed to 2021) which is held jointly with the CNIT International Workshop on Connected Societies.

Each IEEE IoT Summit brings together experts and leaders from all over the world to address the implementation of IoT solutions in a local setting. For this edition, the choice of the theme “Hospitality Industry 4.0” is motivated by the fact that the tourism sector represents a major source of revenue for most countries around the world. In particular, the Italian cultural heritage includes the largest number of sites declared by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. However, more than a third of Italian institutions that belong to the cultural sector do not use innovative technologies to enhance the visiting experience and exploit at best the touristic resources.

The Summit is designed to foster dialogue amongst professionals from the industry, the public sector, and the research community from all over the world.  Join us in Sardinia, Italy, and be part of the important and exciting IEEE IoT summit.  Whether you are there to listen, to present, to see the exhibits, to have your questions answered, or are there to contribute to the discussions and dialog with some of the world’s leading experts, you will find the event meaningful and memorable.

Summit Highlights

Segments of Tourism Products Technologies
Accommodation Hotels, Shared Accomodation, Cruises, … Sensors
Transportation Airline Industry, Car Rental, Coach Services, … Automation
Food & Beverage Restaurants, Nightclubs, Bar&Cafè, … Data and Analytics
Entertainment Tourist Information, Shopping, Tours, … Communications and Connectivity




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